Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Plus pain, minus muse (or: someone find me a rhyming dictionary).

There once was a patron o' lim'ricks
Who knew that her friends were no dim hicks
........Yet due to brain rot
........Her contest forgot
And now she's trying to come up with another rhyme for "limerick" that conveys her profound despair and self-reproach, but to no avail.

Help me.


Carvel said...

I'm highly amused, Marie, and if my brain weren't tired, I might try to help you. Can you give me a day or two of "grace" to come up with it, or must you be assisted by midnight today? Come to think of it, I don't think you'll even see this comment until tomorrow am or pm, so I won't worry overly.
I enjoyed some traditional Irish music this a.m. on KBYU 89.1, on "Performance Today." That's a fine program.
And I had forgotten to wear anything green, & none of my co-workers or clients mentioned it. But one woman was wearing a top of the most vibrant, near-neon, unique shade of green! I asked her where she got it. She thought it was from Target. As I told her, I don't recall ever seeing that shade of green anywhere. It was 'brilliant.'
Happy St. Paddy's Day. Better luck next year.

Dave Brown said...


lenalou said...

And she's left with a slight nervous tic?

April said...

Gosh. I just... I've got nothin'. I'm disappointed in myself.

Marie said...

Dad -- it's been nine days, grace period over.

Dave -- excellent rhyme, but fiddlesticks would be snapped like twigs and swallowed by the black depths of my despair (and as they crossed the event horizon, would appear frozen in time...)

Lena -- oooo...eerily prophetic.

April -- she who rhymed "au pair, Ian" with "librarian" is stumped by "limerick"??