Sunday, February 22, 2009

Steal this picture.

Over the years I've swiped the artwork of so many people in illustrating my blog, it's high time I give back. I created this little graphic for a baby shower that never happened, so in an effort to make use of it and also to smother a bit of my copyright infringement guilt, I'm offering it to my fellow criminal cheapskates, wherever in cyberspace they may reside.

Take it!
Don't credit me!
I promise not to sue!

And they're giraffes, in case you couldn't tell. Giraffes without tails. Forgot the tails. Oopsie.

Oh well. Consider it my artistic widow's mite.


Amy said...

MARIE! That is amazingly cute! Also, who does stuff like that? If my visiting teachers get a dollar store bag with candy for Valentine's day, I feel like a champ. But you MAKE ART! I also feel kinda guilty because I'm pretty sure you planned a baby shower for me... :(

Ben has new tricks...will that persuade you to come hang with us? He can stand! Also, I am sure Steve has collected more YouTube clips he'll want to show you. :)

Sharon said...

I will definitely shamelessly steal it for my next applicable event. It's adorable and classy in one fell swoop.

Sharon said...

And tail-less giraffes are so much more streamlined than regular ones. They will probably excel at competitive swimming. Giraffe vs. Michael Phelps would get seriously good ratings.

Hey, It's Ansley said...

So cute! I don't have any showers planned but will remember it for future pilfering.

wynne said...

I think they're (brace yourself, here it comes...) adorable.

So take that.

Leah Z said...

Marie, do you remember sending me a get well card years ago with lots of little smiley faces going through the stages of a cold? I've been plagiarizing that for years. Hope that assuages your conscience a little.

John Dent said...

Tails or no, those giraffes are CUTE!

lenalou said...

I love giraffes! (I think I identify with them). Didn't know you were an artist!