Monday, October 01, 2007

There just aren't enough songs about carnivorous vegetables.

Okay, so I won't be able to throw a Halloween party this year because I'll be out of town the weekend before Halloween. Not that it would be as fun anyway, since my co-conspirator, Little Ghoul*, has flitted off to haunt the Eastern Seaboard. And I probably will miss everyone else's Halloween parties that same weekend. Oh, moan. Oh, howl. Hopefully I can find some hardcore Halloweenies celebrating on October 31...perhaps that den of goths in my apartment building? They seem nice enough. One of them dresses like a goth Pollyanna.

But whether or not I get to party, I must spread my Halloween cheer! I thought spooky midnight prank calls would be just the thing, but then I realized that caller ID would make it way unfun for all involved. Stupid technology.

So instead I shall play Sandy Claws and give you my super-duper-demented Halloween mixes -- for FREE! I figure it's a lot cheaper than throwing a party, and I'll get to feel all warm and oozy knowing that somewhere out there a Halloween party is funnier and spookier (fookier?) because of my generous piracy.**

Anyway, there are two volumes -- the one I made for last year's party, and the one I'd been compiling in anticipation of this year's party. Just use the new "Email me" feature in the sidebar to provide me with your address and I'll send them off to you. (You lurkers, too! Send me a fake name if you like, and your guilty Halloween pleasure will arrive in a discreet brown paper package stamped ANTHRAX.)

Happy haunting, ye ghouls and 'goyles, fraidies and germs, cysts and boils!

* Sharon

** Although most of these are songs I have on cassette, so is that still piracy? (Ummm...don't answer that.)


wynne said...

HEY! I'm really sorry about you missing Halloween parties. Sniffle. I hope you're going somewhere good that weekend--like Transylvania.

RC Cola! said...


I hope you'll be going somewhere spooky as well.

ThomCarter said...

You know that you can celebrate Halloween where ever you are.

I told my brother the other day, "When we're reunited it will be Halloween to me."

April said...

Me likey Halloween mixes.

I wish I had a Halloween party to go to. Instead, I'll probably just dress as Pam from "The Office," which is barely dressing up at all. I do have an "I *heart* Jim" mug, though!

wynne said...

LOOK MARIE! New profile picture, just for Halloween! I love Halloween.

Marie said...

Wynne & RC -- It is spooky -- sorta like Transylvania. Vashon Island, isolated haven of eccentrics. But nice eccentrics. They're not trying to raise the dead or anything. But we'll be in the middle of the woods, so there are good possibilities there...

Thom -- Ha! Inspiring indeed. I'll have to use that on my sister.

April -- Whether or not you have a party to go to, it is very important to dress up and observe the holiday. Go as a headless Captain Kirk and chase little trick-or-treaters down the street. Or a headless Pam. A headless anything would be good, actually.

Wynne Take Two -- Look at you! You're Jack Skellington! I saw that again when it came out in 3-D and all I can say is -- Tim Burton is a dark genius.

Cindy said...

So good to see you again on Saturday night (and sort of random)! We should hang out. I need some more Salt Lake friends.

April said...

Marie, I've been thinking of making a Halloween mix for a while now, too, so how about a swap? Mine will be quite a bit different from yours. I'll give you more details as the tracklist is set. Sound good?

Marie said...

Cindy -- Yes, we should have a premeditated hangout sometime rather than just these accidental meetings. I'm not The Person To Know in Salt Lake, but I know some people who are in line for that position, so I guess that makes me the person who knows The Persons To Know?

April -- It's a deal. I can never have too much Halloween music! Yours should be arriving any day now.

Michael said...

It arrived yesterday and I spent much of the evening wondering who in the world send me a Halloween package with mix CDs and delicious candy. Then I remembered I signed up to receive just such a thing.
Thank you so much!

April said...

I got it yesterday!! And you sent excellent accompaniment--chocolate! Thank you!