Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Get your loon on.

What're you doing here? You should be over at Wynne's blog, entering her Halloween contest, Literary Mutations. Take a nice song or nursery rhyme and turn it Halloweeny. Here is her example:

Mary had some leprosy, leprosy, leprosy,
Mary had some leprosy, her sores were white as snow

And every time that Mary tripped, Mary tripped, Mary tripped,
Every time that Mary tripped, off would fall a toe...

It's lots of fun, and if you win, she'll send you a surprise Halloween package. I know from experience that Wynne surprise packages are worth catfighting for. Once she sent me a Fairygodmother Orientation Package, including a game for figuring out my special fairy powers and a bag of pixie dust. It was très cool.

You know you want it, wacko.


RC Cola! said...

Received a nice yummy Halloween package yesterday.

Thank you!

wynne said...

You made me blush. Why, Marie, why?

Marie said...

RC -- You're welcome!

Wynne -- Because I love you. I hope you got your package, too.