Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanknesses II.

Those who clear a space for Thanksgiving.*

Steel drums.

The cranky squirrel who lives in the tree outside my window.

Living in a place where being overnourished is a problem.

Summer thunderstorms.

Conan in the ascendant (happy shuffleboardin', Jay!)

All my bishops ever.

The families who donated them.

Thrift store victories.

Patient people who listen to me boast about my thrift store victories.

Kind people who laugh at my unfunny jokes.

Dead people who let me snoop around in the corners of their lives.

Hopeful people who think I'll remember to call them back this time.


Postcards, and those who send them.

Crow's feet, and those who craft them.

The ghost of Madeline Kahn.

Free public schools.

Free public libraries.

Free public restrooms.

Stacks of clean laundry that didn't require a whole day and a vat of boiling water to produce.


The person who invented broccoli.

The Person who invented the person who invented broccoli.

[Re-read previous three lines, substituting "cheesecake" and/or "Reuben sandwiches" for "broccoli."]


Space heaters.

You, who apparently give a d*** what I'm thankful for.

* In their hearts, Lena. There's nothing unthankful** about passing on the pumpkin pie -- more for the rest of us gluttons.
** However, it
is unAmerican. Ya socialist.


Amy said...

Yay! I made the list on that last one!

Thanks for the reminder of all the good things to thankful for. After some close calls in Europe, public restroom totally belongs on the list. Good call.

Hey, It's Ansley said...

Love this list! Especially the space heaters.

sharonsfriendjen said...

I am thankful for your wittiness and your willingness to share it with us. I love the list I was going to be shocked if the reuben didn't make it on there :)

lenalou said...

Hahaha! Fancy me being Un-American. I will not retaliate about your pie because it is a season of peace and goodwill. And I'll keep my opinions for my own blog :-)

Carvel said...

UNDO!?!?! Why undo it?
You're too modest, Marie: I wish you had told me last Sunday, or Nov. 27, that you had posted a new blog. I need a better way of being reminded to look here for your posts, which then are added to my own list of "thanknesses."
You got a great photo of the squirrel!
Penultimate plaudits for another non-supercilious post!
By the way, I'm enjoying the 2 pansteel drum CDs I found at the County libraries. One has great sound, which, as you said, makes such a huge improvement in the listening experience, even on a 2nd-rate car stereo.

wynne said...

Give a deer? Give a date? Give a door? Hmm. I can't figure that one out.

wynne said...

I'm grateful for you.

And my computer, and how it's helped me keep in touch with you.