Saturday, October 18, 2008

They call me a cradle robber, but he clearly wanted out of his cradle.

I've been busy of late, loving on my new boyfriend.

I know the world will persecute us. They will say we are too different, that it will never work. But he's a deep thinker. He has an old soul. We were meant to be together -- like fireflies and frost, like Harold and Maude.

So now I have a boy neefew* and a girl neefew. Thanks to my siblings for so thoughtfully providing one of each -- this ought to keep my dad's killer baby cravings at bay a little while longer.**

* Gender-netrual form of niece/nephew.
**The people at church used to get mildly alarmed when he'd pull out his bag of toys and lure their small children onto his pew.


Amy said...

You have a VERY cute neephew.

Carvel/Dad said...

I wish you both much happiness now that you've found each other. The possible clash of his old soul & your young soul might present an occasional challenge, however.
I wish I lived as near him as you do. I'd forgotten how much joy a newborn can give without trying.

D'Arcy said...

Harold and Maude.

Those names look great on invitations.

Hey, It's Ansley said...

He is adorable and I would have a very hard time letting him sleep in the crib.

Marie said...

Amy -- Yep, made by the best!

Dad -- If I'm right about Opus's fate, you have to take back the "young soul" jab. [sniffle]

D'Arcy -- True. With baroque floral designs and a little gilding. Of course, "Marie" is already an old lady name; now I just need to woo me a Horace and I'm set!

Ansley -- I try to be a good aunt and not David Byrne, but it's very hard.

sharonsfriendjen said...

I love babies!! I don't think I want any of my own, but I love them all the same. So sweet, and quiet (mostly?) I liked the headline for this post, haha!
Ok, deal regarding your post on my blog, first class and somewhere important. Or at least we will look important going there, and perhaps we will steal some babies to take with us. You apparently have two just lying about now. :)

wynne said...

Awww. Auntie x 2.

I wish I lived closer so you could steal mine every once in awhile. Of course, he's not a baby any more, but I'd still like him stolen.

Sharon said...

He's very cute and I love his name! Does he have legs somewhere in there?