Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm a walker. I walk.

I was out walking the other night and encountered a little old lady shuffling down the sidewalk with her walker. We smiled at each other as we passed and she said, "I admire your bouncy walk!"

I didn't detect an ounce of envy in her face or her tone -- she really seemed just to enjoy watching my healthy chub tripping down the lane. Was my easy stride just one more sign of life for her? Like loving babies and daffodils, even though your own spring is long passed?

I really liked that lady. I want to be her when I grow up.


Hey, It's Ansley said...

Nice, nice, nice! Good to be reminded of what's important. I see so many people who are much too old for their real age, nice to see the opposite, or at least those who are still hopeful.

lenalou said...

I agree. I want to appreciate youth without envying it when I'm old and frail.

Carvel said...

I'm a stretcher. I stretch. Why do I stretch? Because it feels great, & because it is less boring than walking around my overfamiliar neighborhood. I can't bear boredom, so my non-stretching, semi-aerobic exercise must be done in front of the TV, & the entertainment on the TV must not be 3rd class.
I speak with authority about being old. I don't envy youth, partly because I wouldn't want to have to repeat it.

wynne said...


Someone shared an inspiring story in Relief Society the other day about an old man with a great attitude (I'm pretty sure it wasn't your Dad, though I could be wrong).

Unfortunately, I can't remember the story at all. Perhaps I'm closer to old age than I thought.

sharonsfriendjen said...

That was a lovely little story!! It put a bounce in my step just reading it. :) Thanks!

Marie said...

Dad -- I think watching PBS murder mysteries qualifies as exercise, but only if your brain breaks a sweat figuring out whodunit.

Wynne -- That is the VERY LAST warm fuzzy you'll ever see on this blog. I can't abide being lumped with goofy RS raconteurs.

Jen -- Thank the happy granny!