Tuesday, April 22, 2008

You know it's time to lose the new profile photo...

...when your dad, reading your blog, exclaims,

"Marie! What a great new photo! It hardly looks like you at all!"



On the bright side, though, now that I've gone back to my old photo I can once again make silly comments without people wondering if I'm really trying to be ponderous. To illustrate:

That's when the windmill of my mind was skewered on the jousting lance of his delusions and out poured the whole-grain flour of my fury.


That's when the windmill of my mind was skewered on the jousting lance of his delusions and out poured the whole-grain flour of my fury.

Aaaaah. That feels so much better.


April said...

I can relate. While it's nice to get a compliment that the pic looks nice, it makes you wonder if the enthusiasm stems from all your other pictures looking like crap. (Hello, insecurity. How've you been, old friend?)

April said...

P.S. When are you going to resurrect Balderdash?!

Marie said...

Oh, I don't WONDER. I KNOW. That's why I'm so lazy about getting my act together. 'Cause no matter how hot I make myself (diet? exercise? head transplant?) there will still be years of pictorial evidence floating around that I am actually an ugly girl pretending to be otherwise. :) Too much effort for too little payoff.

As for Balderdash -- good call! Maybe we can even coax Wynne out of her blog hibernation...

lenalou said...

OK, you are kind of right about the comments. Not that the pic doesn't look like you (how dare you call yourself ugly, even in jest!), but it does look a bit more poetic and a bit less snarky.

However, I have still just changed my photo to what I like to think is a highly poetic and somewhat unrecognisable picture of me, and I'll keep on snarking on.

wynne said...

Hmm. I think it looks like you. Both of them do. I'll have you know that all of my favorite pictures of myself (especially ones I circulate--say, Christmas cards or autographed photos--you know) look the least like me, and I also whiten my teeth, remove all blemishes, add a sparkle to my eye, and change whatever detail I don't like. Pasting on a new nose, for example, or changing my hair. If celebrities can do it, why can't I?

And you didn't even retouch your picture that supposedly doesn't even look like you. There's beauty for you.

(I think you should keep the newer picture, and just draw a little moustache and goatee on it.)

Stephen said...

Also of interest is your selection of photo angles and edits. Both shots are from above, using the French Objectivist credo established in the mid-30s. The glassesless one, of course, takes advantage of the Franco-American Variation of 1998 which favors the encroachment on borders, the relentless, rapacious fracturing of "limits" or "edges," often rendering - and certainly in this case - a flattering focus on the central features.

I like them both.