Saturday, April 19, 2008

All the pretty little posies.

Now beginneth the season of technicolor wonder. Here are some of my favorite blooming plants around downtown Salt Lake, though only a few are in bloom at the moment.

Mimosa trees:
--grounds of Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum

Weeping pussy willows:
--235 A St
--4th Ave and B St (NE corner)

Dogwoods (one pink, one white):
--2nd Ave and H St (SE corner)

Pink magnolias:
--south side of Canyon Road Towers apartments (Canyon Road and 2nd Ave)
--567 3rd Ave
--215 B St
--681 3rd Ave
--511 4th Ave

White magnolias:
--inside SE wall of Temple Square (also north of South Visitor Center)
--3rd Ave and H St (NW corner)

--400 South and 1300-ish East (north side of street)
--south of Relief Society Headquarters
--2nd Ave and D St (SE corner)
--214 A St

Hydrangea (alas, white only -- the colored ones don't do well in Utah):
--bottom of the cascading fountain on Temple Square

Flowering quince:
--220 A St
--4th Ave and E St (NE corner)

The most fantastic-smelling, large-blossomed white lilac:
--1st Avenue along north side of Gateway Condominiums

Great big fluffy bank of forget-me-nots and bobbily-headed English daisies:
--between Joseph Smith Memorial Building and Church Administration Building (along sidewalk)

Do you have any others I should watch for around town? Or favorite plants from your area that I should search for at my local nursery? Also, there's a parking strip in the Avenues planted with nothing but fantastic red oriental poppies, but I can't remember where it is. Anyone know?


sharonsfriendjen said...

Thanks for the lovely pictures of spring coming alive!! I knew it was coming, I just knew it! My favorite flowers are daisies, and tulips. Tulips are popping up all over the place, there was a building along state street on the west side of the road (between 1700s and 3500s) with rows of colored tulips. Very pretty. I love spring!

D'Arcy said...

I am so excited for Salt Lake to turn from Kansas to Oz! I went to Vegas this past weekend and was shocked to see fake grass!!! Fake synthetic grass. That made me decide no matter what concert may give the siren call, I just can't go to Vegas again...

My tulips i got in Holland last year are just starting to bloom.

frances said...

i love this! and i want to find each and every one of these flowers. (also props for knowing all the names). and, should you be up this way, there is a hill on 11th avenue, sort of across the street from the cemetery and across another street from a park with hoops and a little running track that fills with the most beautiful yellow and purple wildflowers (me= not so good with the names). you should check it out.

lenalou said...

Maybe it really IS spring! Thank you for these lovely pics.

Marie said...

Jen -- I'll watch for that patch of tulips next time I'm southward bound! Did you know the West got tulips from the Ottoman Empire, and that they used to be restricted for imperial use? Hooray for floral democracy!

D'Arcy -- You need to post pictures of your tulips. I saw fake grass in NM a couple weeks ago, too (post to follow). Vegas is always waaaay better in the anticipation than in the flesh, though I still regret not going to see Prince while he was holding court there.

Frances -- Thanks! I'm going to check it out! My chubby winter thighs could use a nice hike up the hill, but they're always more cooperative if there's an actual destination.

Lena -- Don't lose hope. Spring always arrives in the end. (I'm sure there's a Celine Dion song in there somewhere.)

Princess Jess said...

what a fabulous post - i love that you know where to find all these beautiful blooms!