Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Three, two, one.....SQUAWK!

What do you mean, What are you supposed to be?? Don't you know your Russian fairy tales?

I'm the Firebird, of course! The Fenghuang! The Phoenix!

Can you see it now?

Howzabout now? Say "yes," or I'll peck you to death!

New Year's is a pretty pointless holiday, except when you get to preen yourself to a shimmer, attend a masquerade ball in full Regency attire, and dance the night away with the girls. It had everything but a Austen wedding finale. Ah, well. But maybe 2008 will be the hap-happy year? If I don't save my rose-gold eyeshadow just for dancing days? If I wear red, red lipstick at all times and toss my head confidently like a rare bird who nearly never cries?

Hope springs eternal.

Happy New Year, all y'all. May it be a bright one for you and yours. If you are mated, may your nest be warm with your lovebird. If you are flying solo, may your song hear its echo one day soon.....


i i eee said...

Squawk HAWT!

Happy New Year, Marie!

citymama1 said...

Now I want to see you explode and rise from the ashes.

Happy New Year, and I hope 2008 is an explosive one for you (just not in the literal sense)

P.S. You are one foxy Phoenix!

wynne said...

I like it. Why not masquerade as a firebird?

Happy New Year, Marie!

Left-Handed said...

Oh yes, wear your rose colored eyeshadow and bright lipstick ALL the time. You look beautiful!

sharonsfriendjen said...

My eyes, my eyes!! Quit pecking them out!!
Enough silliness, you look gorgeous! Glitter and gold and red are your colors :) No sarcasm, I am being genuine. I know its hard to tell with me. Sad that I have to point it out. I should really stop being so cynical all the time. But then I wouldn't have the pleasure of mocking, and without mocking its just me and my cat in my spinster world. Can't have that darling. No I must keep up the cynical thoughts and mock until my cold cold heart shrivels up to nothing. But then I ask of you dear sweet Marie, ask Santa to bring me back for one more good round of mockery. I swear I won't turn evil and kill you as Stephen King wrote in Pet Cemetary. :)

Anonymous said...

Marie, I loved you as the Firebird, great costume and makeup and mask. I also really liked your New Year's message in bird metaphor. Love, Carole Marie

Marie said...

ii eee -- Thanks! Back atcha!

Citymama -- Thanks! I actually did explode at midnight. It was quite spectacular, but the dress is a goner, and I looked pretty awful naked and covered in ashes.

Wynne -- Good idea...except I'm not good at eating like a bird. I'd blow my own cover.

Left -- Thank you!

Jen -- You put on that cynical facade, but I know your heart is made of marshmallow. Better keep it away from me, too, because I'm sure it would be tasty. If I killed you by eating your marshmallow heart, then I'd definitely disqualify myself as a good girl and Santa wouldn't bring you back to life for me. So if you require resurrection at any point, you'd best pin your hopes on Sharon -- she's a very kind person and I'm sure Santa gives her everything she asks for.

Mom -- Thanks! And thanks for teaching me to sew and giving me the old sewing machine. I thought of you often during the project.

Anna Maria Junus said...

I love the Pheonix. I think of myself as one. I keep rising from the ashes.

Sarita said...

You look gorgeous. This years gonna be Gr-8.

D'Arcy said...

Happy New Year Marie! All the smart things have already been said about eyes being pecked out and beautiful make-up and exploding and etc. So, I'll just keep it simple!