Saturday, September 01, 2007


Dude! I'm beflummoxed and blutterbunged -- somehow I got an honorable mention in that caption-writing contest?? Out of more than 1800 entries?? The Grinch's ego grew three sizes, that day!

Maybe I should quit my day job and take up full-time caption writing? I did win another such contest a few months back. Perhaps my next summit will have to be the New Yorker cartoon caption-writing challenge -- I don't think there's any monetary compensation, but think of the fame! If that can't win you a rich Jewish husband, nothing will.

So I guess I've successfully patted myself on the back. My arm is sore.

End post.


April said...

I entered a caption, too, per your suggestion. Mine was, "Nobody puts Beatrice in a corner."

Marie said...

Ha! Nice one! You should join me in the New Yorker caption contest. I've been puzzling over the current picture -- two cavemen staring down the barrel of a huge revolver.

And my question about that whole cow pregnancy testing thing was WHY was it so important that all these rancher guys know RIGHT NOW whether these cows were pregnant? Was it really so important that they had to do such an uncomfortable thing to the poor critters? Couldn't they just have had them pee on a magic stick?

Did anyone else enter a caption? If so, please share with us...