Monday, May 07, 2007

When a young lady's fancy turns to thoughts of pork liver.

More evidence of global warming: my annual braunschweiger craving has kicked in TWO MONTHS early. This is so messed up. The end of the world! Dogs and cats, living together!

Also in the news: I finally changed the irritating profile photo of the bucktoothed 9-year-old me making a face in a photo booth. You can see that I replaced it with a current shot of me from my very best angle, wearing flawless lippy. Don't worry -- I don't plan to blog on anything important just because my blog now appears to be the blog of a grownup.


Marie said...

Sharon just alerted me to the fact that my new photo has gone missing. It was there last night! Maybe it's run off in the night with the photo of some handsome rapscallion male blogger, fearful that I would disapprove of its foolish choice of mates.

I'll hire a private investigator to bring the runaway photo back. In the meantime, I'm the girl with no face.

wynne said... go with the cat with no name.

Marie said...

I've seen a cat without a name, but a name without a cat...?

A face without a name, but a name without a face?

A faceless name without a nameless cat?

Belladonna said...

Many years ago I was involved in community theatre. One summer I was in the play "The Skin of Our Teeth." There is a scene in the play where actors are standing around eating sandwiches. At EVERY rehersal they were bread and butter. Then, unbeknownst to us, the props manager decided to give us a "special surprise" on opening night and brought in Braunsweiger sandwiches instead. DISASTER. Nothing like watching young actors trying to casually recite lines when they are gagging in disgust.

I think that stuff is just plain nasty. But to each their own.

At least its not as bad as vegomite. Now THAT is truly disgusting stuff - no matter what the "Men at Work" song says.

Marie said...

I hate liver, but for some reason I like this stuff. Openfaced sandwich with mayo, braunschwieger, and tomatoes. Mmmmmm.

My mother loves liver and once put chicken livers in the spaghetti sauce, trying to pass them off as meatballs. She must have thought we were pretty dumb.

I tried Marmite when I was in England just so I could say I had. Talk about an acquired taste. Ewwww. The War is long since over, dearest Brits -- you don't have to eat Spam or Marmite ever again!

Belladonna said...

Hey - your picture finally came back. Cool.

All I can say is "Liar liar pants on fire!" You have a perfectly normal nose. It's not aluminum at all.

Anonymous said...

oh pigs can be delicious
oh pigs can be sublime
and when they are digested
their pink flesh becomes mine

Marie said...

Right on, Anonymous. Right on.

Do I detect a bit of Jewish sarcasm?

Belladonna -- Oh, it is aluminum -- it's just top-of-the-line. Painted real nice. :)

Rachel said...

Look at those luscious lips!