Friday, December 01, 2006

Of Christmas trees and charities.

I'm going to buy a Christmas tree today! Real, of course. I love the smell of nature so much that I am compelled to kill some of it and bring it in my apartment. I don't know how Christmas could be Christmas without the scent of pine wafting through the house.

I've got the tree stand all ready and a place chosen by the window and I've had a stern talk with the cat about the agonies inflicted in Kitty Hell upon felines that attempt to climb their owners' Christmas trees or remove glass ball ornaments for entertainment purposes. I think she understands. And if she doesn't, there may be a future blog entry featuring a photo of a strangled cat lying near a toppled Tannenbaum.

Last weekend I made my annual pilgrimage to our local Ten Thousand Villages and got these beautiful handmade ornaments in anticipation of the tree slaying. If you're not familiar with Ten Thousand Villages, it's a chain of shops founded by the Mennonite Church that provides fair trade opportunities to third world artisans who would otherwise be paid too little for their goods. Most of the stuff there is strictly decorative, but it is all beautiful, and so it's the perfect Christmas destination -- you get to pretty up your holidays (and the holidays of those on your gift list) and contribute to a worthy cause at the same time. For many of the products you can request an information card that tells more about the artisans who made the item you are buying and what the earned money helps them accomplish in their communities and families. If you're interested, here's their website, where you can shop or find store locations.


Anonymous said...

You need to take me there. I soooo want to go. Oh also my dear can you email me your address- Christmas Card time.

I got my tree up last week, I made my brother-in-law hike through the forrest to cut it down for me. But hey helping control fire and the what not. Plus the nice forrest service only charged me $5.00! Can't beat that.


Marie said...

Five dollars??! How far back in the forest do you have to go? That might be worth it to me in the the future -- save a few bucks and get the freshest possible tree. If my $23 Smith's Marketplace tree gets crispy before Christmas arrives I may come sit by your tree to sing my fa la las.

Sharon said...

Marie's tree looks very, very pretty...lots of colorful lights and the aforementioned ornaments. It brings joy to the entire canyon road area.

Ninny Beth said...

I heart ten thousand villages...and if I were in consumer mode, I would purchase something there.