Monday, March 31, 2008

And you thought BYU boys couldn't boogie.

Check out our Orange Man on bongos. We were sure his head was going to detach before the song ended. So sad they hid him in the back: I admire the great musicality of these BYU steel drummers, but their hips simply don't wiggle enough.

C'mon, kids -- miss a couple notes and boogie with Orange Man! We're channeling Trinidad, here -- not Vienna!


Lucho said...


my name is Luis Padilla, i read you text, but i don´t understand everything, the man don´t tounch the instrument, or what happen.


wynne said...

I didn't even know BYU had a steel-drumming band.

D'Arcy said...

Wow....I have found that "Street Fusion" DVD has really helped my sister, two very white and uncoordinated women, learn how to move the hips. Maybe BYU should offer a class.

Marie said...

Lucho -- There's nothing to understand. It's all nonsense.

Wynne -- Yes, begun by this math-teacher-esque middleaged music prof who has some connection (mission, maybe?) with the Caribbean. He's got a BYU steel band as well as one just with his wife and kids. They also play marimbas. My dad and I go every year, and it's a lot of fun.

D'Arcy -- BYU is the ballroom dance capitol of...well, at least the Intermountain West. They have no excuse for stiff hips. It's not like playing oil drums is HARD and requires CONCENTRATION or anything :)

Anonymous said...

More, more, more!
Next year, when I attend that concert again, I'm going to get a seat on the back row, and stand up dancing throughout the pan/steel drums sets.

sharonsfriendjen said...

Hi Marie! How are you doing? You always find crazy fun things to do. How do you hear about this kind of stuff?
My mother is cleaning out the basement and she found our astronomy globe. She is going to throw it away, and I wasn't sure if you would be interested, its yours if you want it. Its pretty cool. Its up to you, no pressure. It has star consolations and grids. Its in good condition.

Marie said...

Anonymous (Dad) -- this is why you'll be going alone next year :)

Jen -- My dad was the one who discovered this one, I believe. There are lots of semi-dorky things around that can be made to look cool if you just invite your friends and pretend that they are OBVIOUSLY cool. Cool is in the eye of the beholder, y'see :) As for the globe, that's a really hard one: it's just the sort of thing I'd love, but I just have so little space here. How big is it? Could you send me an email and tell me a bit more about it, if it's not been hauled off to DI yet?