Monday, August 06, 2007

Musical meiosis.

Emily says she sounds like the lovechild of Leslie Feist and Jeff Buckley. I think she sounds like a female clone of Jeff Buckley. Whether you prefer your musicians sexually or asexually produced, and whether or not you're a Jeff Buckley fan, I think you'll like her.

She's Leah Siegel. Checker out. And here.


Marie said...

Oh, and thanks to Sharon for giving me a copy of her new album. It's called "Little Mule."

lenalou said...

I do like her. She reminds me a little of the Be Good Tanyas singer. And how interesting that she's Robert Siegel's daughter!

wynne said...

Oh--I like this! Thanks, Marie! Hooray for new-to-me good music!

Marie said...

She does kind of sound like the Be Good Tanyas. I can't hear any similarities between father and daughter, but I've never heard Robert Siegel break into song. :)

I'm glad you likes it, Wynne. I saw your name on the back of an oil truck this morning. It was written in nice cursive writing. Wynne Transport Services out of Nebraska. It was like you were right there with me.