Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Every lactose disaster has its silver lining.

This week in Yick

Someone asked if I was the mother of the groom.

Flat feet informed me that shoes without arch support will no longer be tolerated. If I fail to comply, they will walk out on me.

I turned thirty-one. Sir Paul turned sixty-five on the same day, thus outliving his song both age-wise and happy-marriage-wise. We knocked back a few cold ones at the corner pub and sang of yesterday.

Due to said birthday, I am about to be booted from my beloved singles' ward and left to the mercy of predatory 50-year-old divorced men and migratory bands of terminal commitmentphobes.

This week in Yippee

Adorable little brother got married but.......see above.

Nasturtium seeds finally sprouted.

A bunch of new people wandered onto my blog on my birthday and told me I was funny.

Family gave me the most fantastic rose bouquet in the history of rose bouquets. I'm not a fan of hybrid tea roses, but these made me a believer: orange, red, and pink -- Cinco de Mayo in a vase.

Night out in the canyon with the hi-larious girls. Acquired useful new phrase, "gettin' your Gucci."

Loot: Funky Regina Spektor import. Gorgeous new astronomy book.

Sprang for the pricey sour cream and got free relationship advice. I win!


lenalou said...

Oh, those roses are gorgeous. Happy birthday!

I'm wondering if you'll be in my ward - you're in SL, I believe? If so, welcome to the world of commitmentphobes! It's not really that bad, I promise. Well, sometimes it is. But not always!

Hey, It's Ansley said...

Happy Birthday!

Lena and I are in the same ward, come join us. It is full of commitmentphobes as you suspected (and Lena confirmed) but it's also got the 2 of us. And having more fun people there will make it better, right? Or is it really that, as they say, misery loves company. Monument Park 19th Ward. It's just off Foothill at 21st South. It starts at 1pm.

Anna Maria Junus said...

Happy Birthday!

And you are hysterically funny. You're on my blog role.

Marie said...

Thanks, guys. Yes, I believe your ward is the one I'm supposed to attend now. Sharon is moving to DC this summer so I might stay in the old ward until she leaves. But I don't want to get booted -- I'd rather leave on my own steam to spare myself the indignity and spare our dear bishop the hassle.

The change is decidedly less depressing knowing a pair of fabulous ladies are there. Misery, begone!

And thanks for the vote of confidence, Anna -- we recovering wallflowers need all the encouragement we can get :)

Rachel C. said...

Happy Birthday!!

Rachel said...

Hap-happy Birthday. I didn't know that you were turning an eventful age. I am somewhat of a change addict-- I love it. I'm not far behind you...

Wow, those are such beautiful roses. Start having more birthdays so you can those beauties around more often.

Rachel C. said...

The Spice Girls have reunited -although I'm sure you've been following such stellar news. Hopefully their new stuff is just as priceless as the song you have on your page. :)

I wanted to email you, but I can't seem to find an email addy at all on your blog.

If you're okay with me knowing your email address, drop me a line at wedmeplease at gmail dot com.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Marie! Email me your mailing address and I will send you a present. I know the perfect thing and I think you will get a kick out of it.

Take care!

emily said...

wait wait wait! sharon is moving to d.c.?? hang on. you and i are supposed to be moving with her! also i missed your birthday. i have a shameful reason for that which i will explain to you when we are having dinner at the pie pizzeria next week.