Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The movie inspired by the blog.

What?! You don't enjoy reading long posts about my underarm hygiene? What kind of friends ARE you? I'm so hurt. You'd better watch out, or I might start writing about real issues, like Dick Cheney speaking at the BYU Commencement. Heaven save us.

No! I shall not abandon trivia just because of this peer pressure! I shall continue sifting and re-sifting my Jane Doe existence for pithy observations! (And if not pithy, then funny; and if not funny, then well phrased; and if not well phrased, then...I'll just find a really snazzy picture to distract you.)

In the meantime, here's a little video for you -- I'm hoping you will find it much less taxing to watch a short narcissistic movie than read a long narcissistic blog. I care about you, faithful reader, even when you refuse to gaze into my navel.

NOTE: If the video gets stuck, click on the progress bar just after the marker.

1 comment:

wynne said...

Awww...you're so cuuute! (And I didn't detect the scent of lavender anywhere on this wee Marie. Of course, that could be because this is a computer, and they haven't yet figured out how to send scent over the internet...can you imagine? Scratch-n-sniff blogs.)