Monday, March 19, 2007

One more reason to shop D.I.

An Antiques Roadshow fairytale tonight. Guy driving to the Roadshow spots a yard sale, and like most antiques junkies can't (doesn't) resist. Stops for a few minutes to browse and buys a chair for $2 that "looks old" and is in pretty good condition. Takes it into the Roadshow with no idea of its value and one of the furniture-appraising Bobsey twins starts a-drooling. Turns out his "old-looking" $2 chair is a Chippendale from the 1700s and is worth $1,500.

I shop D.I. primarily because I'm cheap, but I confess there's also the lure of one day finding the original copy of the Mayflower Compact hibernating beneath the heap of Captain & Tenille vinyls.

Don't laugh. I believe in flea market fairytales.


Ninny Beth said...

oh I TOTALLY knew that there was a good reason for my love of all things thrift. There is something sooooo addicting about being able to say, "I found these vintage plates at DI." And know that no one has any like them. AND it is truly a treasure hunt when you are looking for a set of something and the universe brings it to you hidden under the cheap chinette. OK. Miss you and your brain. thank goodness for blogs, eh?

Marie said...

Most people try to conceal the fact that they got something secondhand, but I go out of my way to broadcast it. ("Nice scripture case -- is that leather?" "Yep! D.I.! Two dollars!") I'm especially proud of the Oxford English Dictionary I scored there for a mere $40.

I'm amazed that you've found all that pretty green stoneware at DI and I love that it's the same color scheme and brand but different patterns. I always loved the billion different styles of white china at our summer beach house and wondered as a child if it was kosher to have mix-and-match dishes as a grownup. You have set my mind at ease.

Rachel said...

I love the Antique Roadshow. It gives hope to junk everywhere.