Saturday, January 06, 2007

Testing, testing.

I wanted to try out video on my blog, so here's a home video clip taken a little while before I was born (hence large-tummied Mommy in mumu). I'm glad I was fetal at the time and didn't have to witness the weedy back yard of the newly purchased house, nor the hideous "Washington Crossing the Delaware" on the back of my dad's cowboy shirt.

Hooray for Dad for buying the video camera and insisting on its use over the years. Hooray for my sister and me for getting the old reel-to-reels transferred to DVD. Hooray for little brother for transferring bite-sized clips to the family blog. And the biggest hooray for Mom for keeping us all alive long enough to master this newfangled technology!


Carole said...

I've been enjoying your blog. I loved the video. Thanks for the scenes from Temple Square and your comments. I was too busy and can see what I must make time for next year. Love, Mom

sharonsfriendjen said...

I love the home video! Your dad's shirt was great. More videos to come? We would love to see the Thatcher children running a muck!

Marie said...

You can only "make time" for so many things, Mom, and a cold walk around grounds you've seen a billion times probably shouldn't be on the list. That's why I took pictures for you -- so you can see the sights with warm toes.

More video, Jen? -- if you INSIST. :) I'll see what I can dig up that would be blogworthy. I'm sure there's amok aplenty in the ol' home video archive.